Theta conducts its activities within the tourism, hospitality and sport economic sector which comprises the following sub-sectors:

  • Tourism and Travel Services
  • Hospitality
  • Gambling and Lotteries
  • Conservation and Guiding
  • Sport, Recreation and Fitness


In terms of its constitution, theta aims to:

  • develop the skills of workers in the sector;
  • increase the levels of investment in education and training in the tourism and hospitality sector;
  • encourage employers in the sector to train their employees, provide opportunities for work experience and employ new staff;
  • encourage workers to participate in learnership and other training programmes;
  • improve the employment prospects of disadvantaged people;
  • ensure the quality of education and training in and for the sector workplaces;
  • assist work seekers to find work and employers to find qualified employees;
  • encourage providers to deliver education and training in and for the sector workplaces;
  • cooperate with the South African Qualifications Authority.